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Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone – It must have been in college when I first heard it: “The perfect wife would be a nymphomaniac that owned a liquor store. ” Well, as I learned, it is not so funny. That describes my first wife.

I was on vacation when I met her. Maria. We ended up in my room fucking. When we were done, she sucked me back to an erection and we fucked again.

We went out and got something to eat and then went back and fucked again. We fell asleep and I woke up with her sitting on me, starting to take my erection up into her.


She rode me and rode me until we both came again. We slept again and in the morning we fucked. This went on for the five days left in my vacation.

I learned that back home she lived relatively near where I lived so I arranged to move out and move in with her. We fucked every chance we got for months.

I would go to work and she’d go to work and when I got home we fucked and fucked. Then dinner. Getting ready for bed we’d shower, then she’d suck me off and then I’d eat her pussy to an orgasm and then we’d fuck.

Maybe another in the middle of the night but certainly another fuck in the morning. Maria wasn’t a raving beauty but she was attractive. At least to me she was. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

And her body wasn’t movie star quality but was very good, all the right curves and pieces; mouth, boobs, ass, pussy. And she didn’t have the tightest pussy in the world but my penis really felt good inside her.

I also knew she was no virgin when we met. But, after three or four months of steady fucking I suggested that maybe we should formalize this. She agreed and we married.

And we continued to fuck all the time. The longer we were together the more I began to discover about her. We were both in our early twenties. She had an independent business, a liquor store.

Erotic Story Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone

She either inherited it or someone gave it to her, from what she said. I finally got around to visiting it one afternoon when I had some free time from work.

There was a female clerk but no sign of my wife so I asked for her. The clerk seemed a little nervous but said Maria was there and she’d go get her.

If I knew the place better, I would go get her myself but at that time, I let her do it. In a couple minutes Maria came through from the back and greeted me and we kissed.

She was a little flushed but it was her store and she was probably working so it didn’t bother me. We talked just a little and since I didn’t have much time anyway, I kissed her again and left. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

As I learned later, she was in back fucking some guy. In fact, she fucked guys almost all day long. Her store didn’t make much of a profit because most of the regulars not only fucked her, they got free booze.

By the time I figured out what was going on and started watching the place I was flabbergasted at how many guys she fucked. or maybe sucked but knowing her, probably fucked.

She liked sucking and getting eaten but what she really loved was a penis in her pussy. Over an eight hour work day, she tended to do four or five guys, some days even more.

Most were regulars that came every Tuesday or Thursday or whatever the schedule was. Every once in a while a stranger would come in and since she was always in the mood, she’d get him out back pretty quick and get in another fuck.

Her store never truly made much of a profit but it kept her happy. I’m not sure of the technical definitions but to me, she was a nympho if there ever was one. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

She fucked the nearest penis as often as she could manage. Well, needless to say, we divorced. I doubt if it hurt her much. She just worked longer hours at the store to fuck more guys and make up for not having me at home to fuck in the evenings.

In some ways, it didn’t hurt. I mean she didn’t take me for any money or material goods. She let me know she’d prefer to keep me, it let her get in more fucking, but she didn’t fight anything and seemed to understand that she could never be a man’s wife according to normal rules.

But in many ways it hurt horribly. I truly decided women were all cunts, all evil cunts. I wanted nothing to do with them again. Which very quickly changed.

I still wanted to use them, I just didn’t want to commit to any, to leave myself open to being hurt again. As I’ve since learned, there are tons of females that are attractive.

Some percent are too skinny, a larger percent are too fat. At least too skinny or too fat for my tastes. But there are a huge number in between. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

Faces that range between o. k. and beautiful. Bodies that are in the right weight range and have all the requisite female parts. I mean, does it really matter if one girl’s boobs measure an inch larger than another’s as long as they’re available for fondling and sucking.

And does it really matter whether the pussies are smooth or hairy or big lipped or small, as long as they let you push your penis into them. I admit, the shaved ones with smaller lips are more appealing to me to lick and suck on but the final aim is to get my penis in there, regardless.

And, some girls love to suck penis and some don’t and I guess I prefer ones that do but still, the real aim is to fuck, so it doesn’t make a lot of difference.

And just as I’ve learned that there are tons of females that are attractive enough, I’ve also learned that almost every one of them will, sooner or later, fuck.

It’s human nature. Some of them fuck sooner than others and some can hold out long enough that it just isn’t worth investing any more time on them. So that’s what I did for five years, I fucked every female that I could, which was almost all that I tried to, and was dishonest with every one of them.

I’d say whatever was needed to get them in the sack. I always used a condom. I was amazed that Maria never caught anything or passed it on to me.

I never seduced a virgin, these were all females out looking for a guy in one way or another. And once I fucked, I moved on. I didn’t want them to get emotionally involved with me and, even more, I didn’t want to get emotionally involved with them.

Video Novel Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone

Then I met the one that became wife number two. I visited one of our clients and the receptionist was this cute, little, slightly chubby blond. Then, after checking on the phone, she led me to the person I wanted to see and I realized that she wasn’t chubby at all. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

Actually on the thin side. What had made me think she was chubby when I was looking down at her sitting at a desk were her huge boobs. She didn’t show them off, dressed to hide them even.

But this was a Dolly Parton; small, attractive, with way oversize tits. I got her name, Melissa, and started trying to date her. It took a while. She’s very quiet.

Shy. Always hangs back, doesn’t push forward. She’s also old fashioned, still lived with her parents. Basically hardly ever dated. She was never going to have sex until she was married.

It took months and four dates before I found out that much. We dated some more and I asked her to marry me and she agreed. The first night was something.

For one thing, I had a hard time getting her to be naked in my presence. I convinced her that married people did that. She acted as if she knew she had to let me fuck her but she didn’t expect to like it.

So I started off slow, kissing her and fondling her, playing with and sucking on those lovely huge boobs. Then I ate her. That changed everything. She discovered that she loved it.

Then I fucked her, going slow at first. She definitely was a virgin, blood involved. And she loved that, too. It took a month or so before she was sucking my penis but as we worked up to that, we had sex about as often as it could be fit into the day. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

She liked it even more than Maria had. I was as happy as could be. Here’s this conservative, gorgeous female with a great body, absolutely fantastic tits, who is almost insatiable when it comes to sex.

What could be better? Well, her boss, a lawyer, moved her from receptionist to being his private secretary. And as I found out, his private whore. She was fucking him about as much as she was me.

I think he got her to suck him before I ever managed to get her to suck me. She explained that it was all an accident. She was in his office and she slipped and fell on a couch and he fell, too, and ended up with his face in her pussy and she was enjoying it so much she helped him take her pants off so he could really eat her seriously.

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And then they fucked. And, well, it was just all so good that it continued on. As the private fuck of a lawyer, I figured I was really screwed.

But he was a lot more interested in getting to continue fucking her without his wife finding out than helping her bleed me, so I got out of that marriage clean, too.

She didn’t take me for anything but my ego. Two wives that each lasted only weeks before cheating on me. I gave up. I didn’t even try and find any stray stuff around for a year or so. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

What got me out of it was a client’s wife. Margo was about forty, I was not yet thirty. Her husband was loaded and she was bored. She had a perfect body, toned with private trainers and enhanced as needed by surgery.

She didn’t want to break up from the guy giving her the good life but she wanted a little danger, a little sex on the side, and somehow chose me.

Sex Novel Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone

We had almost a year of it when her husband came to me. He knew what was going on. He was willing to pay me a bundle to testify that I was fucking his wife so that he could divorce her and dump her with nothing.

Screw her out of everything. Well, I liked the money a lot better than I ever liked Margo so I agreed. Then Margo’s attorney got to me. Just to prove a point, she’d pay me even more than her husband — that is, if she could successfully fight the divorce and collect over double what she was willing to pay me.

So, stupid me, I agreed. I was going to be really rich. But her husband had all sorts of facts. Photos, private detective reports, testimony from others. He had never really needed me, I was just insurance that he’d win.

Well, he won without me. Margo got zilch, which meant I got my partial share — nothing. Well, nothing but a year’s worth of excellent sex. And a growing realization that I was a schnook.

Then an interesting thing happened. My name was mentioned just once in the newspapers but I was talked about in gossip and several women, very attractive women, became interested in me.
Short Novel Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone

  • If I was good enough to keep wealthy Margo happy sexually, I must be pretty good and they wanted to find out if it was true. One, Jane, a fairly high official in a company that was one of our clients, started things by asking me to her apartment for dinner.
  • She wasn’t young, around fifty while I’m now just past thirty, but like Margo she had a perfect body from both training and surgery. So I went for it and wasn’t mistaken.
  • We did have dinner but dessert was in bed. Except for my two wives, I had gone for one night stands until Margo came along. I figured if a woman that was good enough happened now, I’d be willing to let it ride for awhile. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.
  • Or really, I’d be willing to ride her for awhile. But before either Jane or I could pursue things further a really hot one propositioned me. And it was a very open, straightforward proposition.
  • I had a call from a woman asking to meet her at lunch that day. We agreed on a place and I went there. Elly was a beauty. a model.
  • A working model at the moment. Red hair, beautiful face made up perfectly. a fantastic body. Just watching her walk into a room could give you a hard on.
  • She wanted a real man. She wanted to fuck. She met all sorts of homos in her work and various slick men that turned her off. She wasn’t married.
  • She just wanted to get together for sex and said so directly. I went home with her from lunch. It was sex as good as sex can get. In a way it was like hiring a whore, there was no foreplay.
  • We just got undressed and got on the bed and fucked. She was wildly desirable. Great body, loved sex, pushed back and wanted more. She sucked me back to an erection and we fucked again.
  • Then into the shower, feeling each other and getting aroused. I fully intended to let her suck me and then eat her but everything got so hot that, standing up under the running water, I held her one leg up to spread her open and pushed up into her.

I pressed her against the wall and rammed into for what seemed like forever. She loved it. Then, after we washed and rinsed off and got back to the bedroom, I kissed her all over and ate her for as long as I could, hoping I would get erect again.

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I did. Incidentally, she was delicious, shaved and clean and very ready. Now I had two really good ones, Jane and Elly available. I realized all over again that women are all cunts.

Evil cunts just interested in their own pleasure. So I might as well just be interested in my own pleasure, too. Of course, that makes me an evil penis, I guess, because I’m doing to them exactly what they’re doing to me.

Then a lively young college student, an intern in our firm, came up to me with a really strange grin on her cute face and asked me if I was the one everyone seemed to be talking about, the stud that was servicing the rich woman whose husband then divorced her.

I told her that I never even got called as a witness in the divorce, it’s all just rumors. So she said that if a guy was good enough to keep a rich woman happy he’s probably pretty good and she’d sure like to experience it.

Well, she’s very cute, seems full of energy, has a great body, so why not? She was Lauren, who looked like a cheerleader but had the sexual appetite of a nympho.

Now, Jane would call me about every ten days when her sex needs built up to where she needed satisfied. Elly traveled a lot and called me when she got back in town.

She told me that in Paris she stays in her lover’s apartment and in London and Milan she has someone like me that she calls when in town. So I wouldn’t hear from her for weeks and then we’d have three or four nights in a row that drained me. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

Lauren came to my apartment right from work, usual twice a week. I was getting a lot of really good sex. I was coming home after several hours with Jane one night, around midnight, and got in the elevator of my apartment building.

Two fairly attractive women came running up and I held the door for them. I could smell the booze on them, they’d apparently been out at a bar. They were giggling and whispering behind me.

The elevator stopped at a floor and one got off and we went up one more floor and I started off. The remaining woman, held the door open and called after me.

Tube Novel Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone

“Hey! ” I turned and questioningly pointed at myself. “Yeah, you, ” she slurred. Obviously she’s about half in the bag. “You the stud in the divorce suit like we heard? ” she asked.

I just smiled. Is it going to happen again? I took a good look at her. She was actually very attractive. Nice body, slim. Dark hair, nice face. “Yes. ” I answered her.

“Can I find out if you’re as good as my friend claims you must be? ” “You mean sex. Fucking. ” I answered. “Yeah, ” she said, grinning at her own nerve to get this far.

“Well, I’m just coming home from proving to another lady that I am, so I don’t know how good I could be with you. ” I stepped closer and reached to her.

“But c’mon, we can sure give it a try. ” She almost fell out of the elevator and I got my arm around her and led her down the hall to my room.

Her name was Stella. I got her naked and in the shower first, to help sober her up a little, and then ate her awhile as I built up a good erection, then fucked her as hard and fast as I could to make sure she could feel it through her boozy haze. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

I never had to manage a second time because she fell asleep as we fondled each other after that first fuck. The next morning she was completely embarrassed and got out of my place as quick as she could.

She remembered enough about the night before to know where she was but wasn’t happy with herself for propositioning me and then actually fucking me. But she said enough that I knew she was happy about getting eaten as thoroughly as I did her and she sure remembered that part.

The next day, after work, Lauren came home with me for a couple hours of sex. then took her to a small local restaurant for a quick dinner and then we each headed our own ways.

As I came into the lobby of my apartment building, the second woman from the night before was standing, waiting for the elevator. “I’m embarrassed, ” she said. “Last night my friend and I came home late and probably bothered you a little in the elevator. ” “That’s fine, ” I told her.

“You were both very attractive, it was nice to share the ride with you. ” “Well, my friend and I were wondering, ” then she paused. “Well, we had heard that you were involved as the other man in a major divorce. ” “And that made you wonder if I would actually be as good at sex as that might mean? ” I replied.

She seemed startled. “Well, uh, ” and got stuck just as the elevator arrived and the doors opened. “You friend, Stella, asked me that last night and then spent the night with me. ” I said as I helped her into the elevator.

The doors closed and we started to move. “Stella spent last night with you? ” “Yes. ” She grinned. “I’ll have to ask her how good you were. ” “You could always find out for yourself. But I should tell you that I spent a couple hours with a woman just before having dinner so I’m not to sure how much I have left for you. My reputation has caused a number of women to want to discover how good I might be. ” Well, this one’s name was Norma.

Erotic Story Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone

A red head, shaved pussy. All pink and tasty. Long, slim legs that wrapped around me. I surprised myself at my recuperative powers, although I think much of it came from her zest for everything we tried.

She didn’t spend the night, returned to her own apartment later. Women are such cunts. They’re basically evil, I think. The only thing worse is me. I’m just a penis.

Well, also a tongue. So I’m just as bad as they are. An evil penis for evil cunts. For several weeks, I had more sex than I could handle almost.

I was a fuck-aholic. Then a series of things happened. I had been with Jane perhaps six times when she let me know that this time was the last. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

She enjoyed the sex, alright, but wanted to go back to hiring studs. She liked to be in charge, tell the guys what to do, and I was too independent.

Then Elly, on our fourth time together, lets me know this is it. She’s marrying a guy in Italy — a clothes designer that owns his firm and is worth at least millions, perhaps billions.

Then Lauren, who I had brought home maybe eight or nine times tells me she’s discovered a new guy. He’s a swimmer at her college. I didn’t know it but she had been a competitive swimmer in high school and met this guy in the pool.

She tells me he’s long and lean with huge shoulders, all muscle, and a penis that he could use as a rudder. So we’re done, too. So I was left with Stella and Norma.

They came around so often it was just as well the others bailed out because these two wanted as much of me as they could get. They were social friends, had gone to bars together to pick up guys. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

But they were competitive, each wanted to have me say she was better than the other one. Which I would never do. In fact, they were both very good.

Norma had a slight edge because she was a red head and I liked that and she shaved her pussy and I liked that and she had a slightly harder body which I liked but otherwise they both loved sex in every form and as often as possible.

It took months but Stella finally met a guy she liked for real as well as fucking, so I was left with Norma. Which certainly was not a negative.

She was in my place so often, slept over enough that she started leaving some of her stuff at my place. Then about six months later we discussed it and she left herself and everything at my place.

She moved in with me. Another six months and she’s telling me that she always wanted to be a mother. I was thirty three by then and she was twenty eight and she figured she should do it while she was young enough.

She brought this up while she was sitting on me, riding my penis, and I was fingering her clit and sucking on a breast. We never really finished the discussion but she quit taking the pill and a few months later she was pregnant. Slutty Wife Have Sex With Everyone.

Now what do I do? Well, I married her. We’ve now had two kids, moved to a house. Between all the sex we still have and taking care of the kids, I don’t think it would be possible for her to cheat on me.

Well, of course, anything is possible. I need to make sure I give her all the sex she wants. She sure gives me all the sex I want. She still shaves and she still has the tastiest pussy ever.

So I don’t think I’ll cheat on her. I guess we’ll both just have to wait and see.

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