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Sister Fucked Her Sweet Brother | I should’ve known that when my hot shot older brother came back from his fifth year in college that things would be exactly the same, well maybe not exactly the same. I am five years younger than he is.

Over the five years that he’s been away I have grown up quite a bit. My hips filled out as well as my breasts. After years of dancing my legs have become strong and perfectly shaped.

My stomach toned and my ass firmed and became round. The bus ride home from school was complete hell. I did not want to go home. It was Phil’s first trip home for the year.

Movie Story Sister Fucked Her Sweet Brother


Christmas vacation was always darkened by his presence. Walking home from my bus stop I began to reminisce of Christmas last year when I caught him looking at me.

This was not a brotherly look at all. It kind of scared me I suppose. Finally I reached home. Noticing no car in the driveway I bounced into the house hoping I was all alone.

I dropped my bag in the hall and stripped my heavy coat from my body. Ascending the stairs my skirt bounced against the back of my thighs. All I wanted to do was get out of this skirt and get into my comfortable boxers.

After dressing I went back down stairs to get some juice before heading to my office in the basement. I entered the kitchen barefoot grabbing the carton of grape juice and taking it down stairs with me.

Plopping down into the leather chair, I crossed my fishnet-clad legs tapping my foot as I started the computer. I plugged in my headphones and turned up my music up so I wouldn’t be disturbed.

Phil put his warm hand on my bare shoulder. I jumped and almost fell out of my chair. Dragging the headphones from my ears I got up. “Fucker what was that for?” I asked pushing his shoulder back.

“Hey sister. How you been lately?” His eyes traveling the length of my body down to my bare feet. “What’s with the black?” His left eyebrow raised as a smirk spread across his face.

“I happen to like black thank you very much” I crossed my arms over my chest defensively. I turned off my music and grabbed my juice trotting up stairs.

He followed me as I put the juice back. “You know mom’s gonna yell at you for that” “So fucking what? Why do you care if I get yelled at anyway?” ” Cause. What’s with the attitude?” “Whatever. I have homework” I grabbed my backpack and went upstairs.

Once inside my room I pulled out my Chemistry notebook and began doing my three-page lab assignment. I could hear someone come into the house. My parents were home.

“Julie, Dinner’s here” She yelled up the stairs. I growled and slammed my book shut. I got up and trudged down the hall to the stairs. Walking down them I could hear everyone talking.

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I jumped down the last five stairs. “Julie. How many times do I have to tell you? Don’t jump the stairs” Yelled my mom. I rolled my eyes and sat in the chair next to my brother.

My aunt was seated across from us. My parents on either side of us and all I could think of was how bad I wanted to just get up and leave.

Phil’s hand grazed my almost bare thigh. I looked at him shocked. His hand gripped it as he smirked. I glared back down at my Chinese food and didn’t look up.

“How’s school Julie? my aunt asked. “Well if you don’t count my gym class I’m doing rather well. Especially in my chemistry class. I’m excellent at blowing shit up” I said staring at my aunt evilly. Phil squeezed my thigh tightly almost causing a reaction out of me. After dinner everyone sat in the living room. My brother kept staring at me. I couldn’t help but notice that look in his eye. He wanted me and bad. My parents decided to go out and have some drinks with my aunt. Which was good because I hated my parents anyway. I went up to the bathroom and began to brush my teeth. Phil came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I rinsed my mouth and spun around. “Let me go” “And if I don’t?” “Shit, you’re my brother.
Erotic Story Sister Fucked Her Sweet Brother

  • Get off me” “Fine” He said backing off a bit letting me pass to get into my room. He entered with me slamming the door shut and locking it.
  • I sat down on my satin covered bed pulling at the little ties in my hair. He sat opposite me on the crushed velvet couch. His hands were on his lap as he stared between my spread legs.
  • I didn’t realize my legs were open until I heard him sigh. I immediately shut them pinning my knees together. Phil got up and walked over to me. He grabbed the brush off my dressing table and began brushing my hair.

” You know what? You’ve grown up so much since I last saw you. Turned into a very gorgeous young lady if you ask me” “Well I didn’t ask you. So if you don’t mind I can brush my own hair” I said reaching for the brush.

He yanked my head back by my hair holding my face up so I had to look at him. “Oh no. I’ve waited five whole years for you and I’m going to have you. So you can either enjoy it or not. I don’t care” I whimpered as the pain shot through the roots of my hair.

My eyes began to fill with tears as he slid his free hand down into my tank top. His icy fingers circled my right nipple causing it to harden against my will.

His warm breath hit against my ear as he leaned down to nibble on the edge of it. a soft moan escaped my throat as his hand traveled to my left breast taking it into his hand and squeezing it hard.

Sex Story Sister Fucked Her Sweet Brother

My body jerked as he knelt behind me on the bed moving my head to the side so he could suck on my neck. I could feel the heat rising in my body.

A shiver was released down my spine as his tongue moved to flick the side of my neck. My back arched as he pulled my head back farther. His hands slid gently down to my stomach circling my navel.

His breath quickened against my ear. As his hand traveled down to my pussy his lips grazed my ear. He released my hair and pulled me down onto the bed pinning me down against it.

His body hovered over mine as he pulled my boxers down. “Oh sis. you’re a naughty naughty girl” He said fingering my bare clit. “The thought of fucking your brother turns you on you little slut. Don’t it? Say it bitch!” “Yes. wait no. I meant no” I stuttered dumbly as my pussy moistened even more.

His fingers probed my tight vagina. Soft moans came from his mouth. He had already undone his pants and was half way out of them before I could comprehend it.

Soon his throbbing dick was lying against my clitoris. Pushing his hips up against me, he began to pant. Then positioning his hard dick at my entrance, he began to insert it.

Knowing I was still a virgin he went slow until the head hit against my hymen. He pulled back then slammed it through as my scream pierced the room’s silence.

I whimpered as he pushed his dick in and out of my tight slit. On the verge of tears I bit down into his neck to keep from crying.

As my teeth sunk in he hit my spot. a wave of pleasure surged through my body. “Oh that’s it. right there” I breathed against his ear. He hit my spot harder causing my body to quiver.

His dick throbbed more and more with each thrust. My pussy tensed then relaxed around his pulsating dick. Soon he was about ready to explode into me. “Oh fuck me Phil. I need you to fill me up” He thrust two more times and then filled me with his cum as i orgasm around his dick.

“See I told you you’d like it” “How long are you gonna be around again?”

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