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Daddy Fucked Hot Teen Daughters #1 – It was Friday night and my eldest daughter wanted to go out for a disco. Being a 18 year old girl she loved to get out and party. After my divorce, she and her sister had come to live with me and we were very close.

During the weekend my younger daughter had gone on holiday to the beach so Delia was alone at home with me. Nadine my daughter would be coming back in two or three days time.

I decided I would drop Delia off. “We are late! “. she said as she rushed down the stairs after an hour changing session. I could have told her that it was due to that we were late but I didn’t want to upset her.


It was worth the wait as she looked beautiful. I looked up and down her precious body. Let me tell you what she looked like: Delia is about 5 foot, 4 inches tall with long dark brown hair.

She had on a short red top that just managed to come past her big boobs. Her slim, curvy body led down to a short white skirt. I found myself staring at her boobs when she said to me”. Dad. were need to go now”.

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Smiling. After a 10 minute drive me got to the disco and I dropped her off. I waited a little while as she usually came back to tell me that she had seen someone she knew but she didn’t.

I decided I should check things out so I went in and found her sitting down on chair looking rather sad. “My friends should have been here ages ago daddy”.

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll give you company until they come”. Suddenly her eyes shone up and she said”. Will you dance with me please until they come? ” “I would but I can’t dance”.

“Oh I’ll show you come on”. She got off the bench and pulled me off as well. Taking me to the dance floor she said”. This is a slow dance so it will be easy to show you”.

She put her arms around my neck and moved my hands to her waist. The feeling of her soft skin awoke some feelings which I thought would have gone away by now.

Lately, I had been having thoughts about having sex with my daughter and each time it made my eight inches rise. “Daddy”. she whispered”. Why were you looking at my boobs earlier before we came here? ” I was feeling a little uncomfortable at this surprising question but I thought it was best to tell the truth.

“Well sweetheart, you have grown up now and I can’t help having strange feelings about you. Feelings about us. having sex. “. I expected an awkward silence but startlingly she said to me”. I know, that is how I feel about you too”.

I took her hand and we left to go home. The journey was very quiet and until I got her into my room I said nothing to her. Once there I placed my hands on her soft skin, squeezed her waist and leant in to kiss her.

We held the kiss while I started to strip off her top. I felt her large boobs in my hand and then used my tongue to explore down her body.

The first stop was at the her beautifully erect nipples which I licked while she moaned happily. Then I my tongue trailed down to her sexy, pierced navel and moved the jewel across so I could land a series of kisses inside her belly button.

She let out a muffled cry as I touched her. “That feels great, daddy”. she said through frequent moans of delight. I held on the her hips which she had started to sway which felt very sexy.

I decided it was time to explore the forbidden fruit of her tight pussy, so I held her hips and pulled apart her legs and licked her clit. “Now it is my turn”.

Delia proclaimed joyously”. Strip off completely”. I did as she said and she kneeled down to my penis and started to lick the head and then took the whole thing into her mouth.

“That’s great sweetheart”. I said enjoying every second. “I’m feeling a little dirty”. Delia said to me”. Lets take a shower”. This was a dream come true for me and I didn’t want to wake up.

We got into the shower and I massaged her tits and body with soap as I kissed her deeply. “This is so romantic daddy! We should do this all the time”.

I then turned her around and inserted my penis into her pussy. “Oh! Yes daddy yes! ” “Are you my little horny slut? ” I asked her, grabbing her waist.

“Oh, yes, Daddy. Yes. Fuck your slut”. she answered breathlessly. “You like it hard, Honey? ” “Yes. Give it to me hard, Daddy! ” I pounded my way into her whilst she encouraged me to carry on.

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We walked out of the shower still wet and I sat on the bed whilst she sat on my lap with my penis inside her. With one hand playing with her navel and another on her waist bouncing her up and down, she shouted out”. Lick me! “.

So I turned her around so she was facing me and made her body curve down to the floor. This way I could lick her treasures at the same time.

I could see her breathing fast as her boobs rose and fell. My eyes followed the line over her ribcage down to the hollow of her stomach where her belly button mimicked the rhythm.

I could feel the heat of her tender young pussy as her thin hips grinded into my penis. As I licked her she cumed all over my penis so I licked it up and I told her to get ready for mine.

Lying on the bed, I knelt over her and got ready to cum. “Aim for my belly button and my mouth”. Delia told me. I was right on target for both and she licked not only the load on her mouth but also the leftovers from my penis by licking it off it.

She stood up and put a finger into her navel and said, “Wow, you got a good aim, you got me straight in the belly button where I told you! I think I will eat it”, she said scooping it out of her navel.
Porn Story Daddy Fucked Hot Teen Daughters #1

  • Before I could say another word, all the cum had gone. “I know! I want to eat some of your cum from your navel”. I told her. “That’s a great idea! Make me cum please, I have an idea”.
  • I agreed and got to work by pumping into her wet pussy. I clutched her waist as it moved rhythmically. When she reached an orgasm the fluid poured out of her.
  • “Do what you can daddy, ” she told me and I knew exactly what she meant. I took all of her cum on my fingers and told her, “Its going right over your tits”.
  • I smothered her cum over her body and began to lick it off. The next day I saw Delia rushing out of the house. “Where are you going, honey? ” I called out to her.
  • “I have got my dancing lesson today. We are doing something new today: exotic dancing”. “When you get home, I want to see what you have learnt”. Delia’s eyes shone and gave me the sexiest look I had ever seen as she said happily”. I would love to”.

That day at I kept thinking about her return and what she would show me. As long as those tiny hips were bouncing about my penis I didn’t care.

As long as her tongue was in my mouth in didn’t care. My penis was on the verge of exploding with these erotic thoughts until she arrived home an hour later.

She was wearing some new clothes which looked very erotic, a short top resembling a bra, a small skirt and a silk shawl around her neck. “What do you think of my new exotic dancing clothes, daddy”.

She asked me with the cutest expression I could have imagined”. You want to see me dance? I know it is not much but I am feeling very hot daddy, so I haven’t worn most of it. You don’t mind do you? ” “No of course not sweetheart. You look great though”.

I said, this time staring at her navel. “It matches doesn’t it? ” Delia asked me. “Er, what matches, Delia? ” I said quickly moving my attention from her body.

“My belly button ring, of course. I bought it a week ago but I never showed it to you”. “Yes honey, you wanna go freshen up, it must have been a tiring day for you”.

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“I’ll just be in the shower”. She smiled mischievously at me and went upstairs. I went upstairs two minutes later to find that the bathroom door had been left open and inside was my sweet daughter Delia taking a shower.

“She must have done this on purpose, ” I thought”. Well, my penis has been yearning for her pussy all day now, I might as well take advantage of the situation”.

As I had thought, the shower curtain was also open and I could see her hips shaking rhythmically in the shower as she sang a song to herself and massaged shampoo in her hair with her eyes closed.

After washing the shampoo out, she moved her fingers around her large tits whilst she made little moans in the shower. Her fingers then tailed down her body and made a stop at her centre to play around with her ring.

Once again she was making sexy noises. By the time the explorers had reached her pussy lips I had gone crazy with erotic desires so I immediately stripped off and snuck up behind her in the shower.

My penis found its way into her tight ass, my right hand onto her hips and my left hand onto her boobs. “I knew you would come to me daddy. I’ve been waiting for you, ” she said through moans of pleasure as my penis went back and fourth into her ass.

After, I moved my right hand further across to her navel to feel it whilst my other hand continued to caress her twin assets of pleasure. I circled and massaged her tits until she finally cried out”. Daddy, I want you to do me harder up the ass, please”.

“Sweetheart, you’ve been a good girl, I’ll do everything you say today”. So I raised the tempo of my penetrations into her backdoor. “Yes daddy, keep going”. she encouraged”. But I think my tits and belly button want some attention as well. You think you can please them? ” “I know I can”.

I said surely. I turned to face her and got down on my knees so my tongue was in level with the skin between her tits and navel. Placing my hands on her swaying hips, I began to eat away at her boobs.

My tongue crawled down from her right tit to her belly until it reached the hollow of it whereby Delia moaned louder in pleasure. She kept her swaying hips so my tongue eventually found its way to the door of her pussy.

At its gate my tongue heralded its arrival gently kissing the pussy lips. These gentle kisses soon turned into a licking motion at her clit until I finally began to eat hungrily away at her fruits.

I probed every fold and crevice of her pussy until she told me, “Fuck me daddy, hard in the pussy”. I placed my hands on her ass and lifted her up so her legs were around my waist and my penis was level with her pussy.

I eased my penis into her love canal and then began pounding away. As I grinded away she leant in to kiss me and we kissed passionately for what seemed 10 minutes.

As she bounced up and down, the springing of her boobs reflected the movements of my penis in her pussy. She then placed my hand on her breast and told me “This is the best sex I have ever had daddy. How can I repay you. I know what you would like. I’ll let me touch me whenever you want. No. wait, my body is yours forever. My swaying hips for your hands, my mouth for your penis, my pussy for your lips, my belly button for your tongue. I’m all yours! “.

She was clearly having an orgasm and I accepted the offer. “I also want one more favour”. I told her. “Sure, what is it daddy? “. “I never saw the dance you learnt today. Show me it here in the shower”.

I put my hands on her hips and placed her back down, removing my penis from her pussy. “Ok daddy, I hope you like it”.

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