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Ass Tease Bent Over Short Skirt – It is amazing what people will do when they aren’t thinking about others watching. It sure makes a mundane task like stopping at Walmart more interesting. We finally decide it is time to move along to our errands list so we head to the register and eventually out the door toward the car.

You never stop paying attention to detail and because of that, you notice it way before I do. I busily unload the car, humming some tune that was playing in the store though I do notice your pre-occupation in another direction.

We get into the car and you don’t start it yet which only reinforces to me that you have noticed something. I look into the direction of your focus and notice a man and a woman standing in the parking lot in the distance.


They are between a car and a conversion car and it does appear to be something a little more than a conversation. She reaches out periodically and touches him erotically while his body language sends the message that he could just take her right there.

Porn Novel Ass Tease Bent Over Short Skirt

I look back at you and you merely smile, knowing that I finally see what you do. I find that I’m no longer wondering why you have not started the car, but am anticipating the next time she touches him in the distance and his reaction to her touch.

She turns and opens the passenger door to her car, getting a bag of some sort out of the car. When she is bent over, he leans forward and presses himself against her ass almost as if he were taking her from behind right there.

She pauses and you can tell she is pushing back against him. I look over at you again, and you smile because of the look on my face that you can see from the corner of your eye.

The man eventually lets her go and she exits the car, obviously locking the door before she shuts it. The two of them start to walk from between the cars and I figure they are going into the store after all.

As they get to the back of the car, however, they turn and they merely walk to the passenger side of the car. He opens the door for her but before she climbs in, they get very close and he presses her body against the car and kisses her very passionately, his hands hungrily roaming her body as he does so. Ass Tease Bent Over Short Skirt.

It is at this moment that I reach across the seat of our car to your pants and feel your dick so very hard through them. I start to rub your dick through your clothes as we continue to watch.

She pulls away from him and gets into the car after which he closes her door and quickly goes to the driver side. There are windows in the back of the car, but it is not easy to see what they are doing in there at this time.

We know that he has not started the car yet and can barely see them meeting in the middle from our cartage point. I start to unzip your pants because I love the way your dick feels through your pants when you point to the car, which he finally started.

As the car very slowly drives out of its parking spot, you start our car and slowly follow behind. The man drives to a place in the parking lot that is not so busy and pulls into a different parking spot.

This time, you pull the car to a point in which we can see in the front window quite well. In fact, the lighting in the otherwise dark parking lot almost makes it like a spot light, but the car inhabitants don’t know this or really don’t care.

As we park and get comfortable, I notice that she is not visible and he is obviously enjoying some pleasure in the driver’s seat. The picture of her bent over sucking his hard dick is very vivid in my mind even though what I can see is limited.

I finally free your dick and lean down to do the same to you. You enjoy it but never take your eyes off of the car. In fact, you tell me what you are seeing as I pleasure you with my warm, wet mouth.

This drives me crazy, hearing your voice, knowing how much it turns you on to watch, listening to you describe pure sex in a car not too far away from us. Ass Tease Bent Over Short Skirt.

You tell me that she appeared again and I sit up to look myself. Of course, I keep your hard dick in my hand, stroking it so sensually as we watch together.

He leans over and kisses her deeply, a ‘thank you’ for the dick sucking and I get so turned on watching him handle her body right there. We can tell by watching that his touch drives her completely crazy and that he cannot keep his hands off of her.

Tube Story Ass Tease Bent Over Short Skirt Porn Story

The two of them completely lost in one another. She stands up partially and we can tell that she is wiggling her panties off under her skirt. He moves from the driver’s seat to hers and slides his hand under her skirt as he moves.

I catch a glimpse of his hard dick as he moves from one seat to the next and really love the sight of his hand obviously moving in and out of her pussy.

Her reaction is sensual and I know that the car smells of fuck even without being in it. Just as I’m considering bending down to suck you again, she lifts her skirt and climbs right onto his hard dick.

We are sitting in our car, not far from these two, watching her ride his dick. She very impatiently fucks him, does not start out slowly at all. In fact, she fucks him as if she has been waiting to do so for quite some time.

His hands are on her hips and you can tell that he is pulling her down onto him, because he has been waiting a long time to feel her also.
Movie Story Ass Tease Bent Over Short Skirt

  • I admit that I only watch for a few minutes and then I can’t stand it anymore, and bend down to feel your throbbing dick against my tongue. You feel so wonderful and you shift to allow me to slide it down just as far as I can, even in the position that we are in at that moment.
  • It is so hot to listen to you tell me what you see, to feel your hands on the back of my head, to know that just moments ago we were just shopping and now I’m almost begging for you to cum without a single spoken word.
  • You tell me about her arching her back, about where she is holding on to fuck him as hard as possible and then about how he moves her to take her in a different position. Ass Tease Bent Over Short Skirt.
  • I look up very briefly to see what you described to me in detail. She is on the seat, her legs spread so wide and over his shoulders as he plunges a rock hard dick deep into her right there on the passenger seat of this car.

He has obviously taken control of this fuck now. When I go back to the face fucking I’m getting, you can feel the intensity that is there from my enjoyment of the moment and you cum.

Just like that, you grab the back of my head and shoot a nice hot load of cum down the back of my throat. As you start to cum, you hear me moan and that sound is something you love so much.

I lick your slick dick, doing my best to get every bit of your cum in my mouth. For that moment, you actually do roll your head back and take your eyes off of our show.

After catching your breath, however, you look back in their direction. You see him still fucking her hard and deep. The actions are so hungry that it is hard not to see the desire.

I’m still licking your dick, enjoying how nice and hard it is even after you cum as you describe what you are watching. I know that you are not done with this.

All of a sudden I hear your tone change; more excitement is what I hear. I listen to you describe to me what you see but have to look out of curiosity.

Movie Story Ass Tease Bent Over Short Skirt

I see that he has moved back and removed his dick from what must be an incredibly swollen pussy by now. She leans forward in her chair and he grabs his dick with his hand, stroking it right over her face.

With that, I move my own hand and watch as you take your dick in your hand for me. “He is going to give her a facial” you say with so much desire in your voice that I feel my pussy get even wetter than it already is by this point. Ass Tease Bent Over Short Skirt.

I can see that she is looking up at him, telling him how much she wants his cum on her face. I watch as he fucks his own hand and can see you do practically the same thing out of the corner of my eye.

I do love to see a man stroke his dick and I have two at once right now. I slide my hand inside my shorts and just as I feel my own slippery wet pussy, we see him start to cum on her face.

She reaches up and massages his balls as he cums more and more and more. You hear the wet from my fingers, look at the car then back at me and start to cum a second time. Ass Tease Bent Over Short Skirt.

I lean down to and can feel the warmth of your cum across my nose, across my cheek. The two of us are lost in our moment for a few, just like the couple we have been watching has been for quite some time now.

As we return to the reality of the car and situation, we look up and notice that our actors are put back together and the car has been started.

It pulls out slowly and he merely drives back to the original location in the parking lot, which was next to the car that the woman reached into when we began to watch them.

There is not any movement in the car that we can see for a few minutes, when he jumps out of it and opens the passenger door for her.

She gets out and he closes the door, just before he kisses her gently, such a soft sensual, longing kiss that you can feel its warmth from this distance.

She gets into her car and waves at him many times before driving away. He then returns to the car and drives away as well. We slowly put ourselves back together briefly talking about what we just watched and how hot the entire thing was. Ass Tease Bent Over Short Skirt.

I ask you if we are headed to our next errand as you pull out of the parking lot. You just smile at me and turn toward our house.

It seems that a new errand was just added to the day’s list. I’m fairly sure it involves the comfort of the house and no clothes which is something I will gladly give up those boring to-do lists for.

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